• Are you a busy person struggling with your health? Do you feel an imbalance in your life, tired, and even burned out? Or perhaps you always wanted to be holistically healthy and living wealth but didn’t know how to start?

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  • Kitty has a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Melbourne, a Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Studies at Tabor College, and Diplomas in Nutrition and Coaching from Shaw Academy.

    She's also a certified coach and trainer of the TLS (Transitions Lifestyle System) Weight Management Solutions.

    Having grown up with a heart disorder, Kitty’s mission now is to help busy business owners, entrepreneurs and professional people in the corporate world to juggle health and wealth, so that they can spend quality time with what and who they care about.

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    Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just want to eat healthier, food journaling could add huge benefits. Yes, it’s one more thing to add to your full list of things but, in the long run, tracking what you eat can benefit you for life! So, what’s the best way to go about food journaling + why...
    5 septembre, 2018 · 1
    With the ever-increasing pace of our day to day lives, stress has become a popular subject of our everyday conversations. Being aware of the negative impacts stress can have on our wellbeing, it’s easy to see stress as a big, dark cloud that drains your energy and positivity. But, moderate stress...
    Burnout Burnout can happen to anyone. It can occur when you're not in control of how you carry out your life, your job and business, when you're working hard towards your goals that may be challenging, and when you lack social support. If you don't tailor your responsibilities to match your...
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  • Juggling Health & Wealth Packages

    Packages to help you reach total wellness (holistic health) and
    true wealth (financial and time freedom)


    Blueprint For True Balance

    Many successful female entrepreneurs and business owners are achieving excellence in their relevant fields but are constantly tip toeing the line of burnout and not tapping into their full potential. Tapping into your full potential means being able to do more in less time, achieving business goals without sacrificing sleep, relationships and other interests. This workshop is designed to help you learn how to work smarter not harder all whilst utilising the resources of the five dimensions of health, including tools of nutrition and healthier habits as your catalyst.



    (1) A sense of overall purpose

    (2) Understanding of Optimal Holistic Health

    (3) Ability to recognise and express emotions

    (4) Self-awareness and mindful living

    (5) The Importance of Being Socially connected

    (6) The Abundance mindset

    (7) Manifestation: Think Yourself Rich

    (8) Using your "Inner Compass"

    (9) Experiencing a Zest for life

    (10) Finding "The One Thing"


    This workshop can transform your life and the way you juggle health & wealth.


    3 Month Coaching with Kitty

    Have you always wanted to be healthy & wealthy but didn’t know how? Are you too busy to enjoy life? Do you lack balance. feel tired, even isolated and burnout?

    If you answer is yes to the above questions, it’s time to practice on juggling health and wealth, so you can enjoy life abundantly.

    This Health & Wealth Formula Jump Start Package will show you the steps to reach your health and financial goals.

    You have access to:
    (1) Juggling Health & Wealth Hardcopy
    (2) 14 Day Wellness Program
    (3) Feel Great in 8 Coaching Program, Accountability Group and Transition Lifestyle System Mentoring
    (4) 3 Month Unlimited Email Support
    (5) ‘Transform Your Financial Life' E-book
    (6) Inner Circle FB Group
    (7) Webinar / Podcasts
    Make an appointment with Kitty to discuss this package via bit.ly/DiscussionCall

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