• Are you a busy person struggling with your health? Do you feel an imbalance in your life, tired, and even burned out? Or perhaps you always wanted to be holistically healthy and living wealth but didn’t know how to start?

    In Juggling Health and Wealth, the five dimensions of health are explored. Whether you are a busy business owner, or a professional working in the corporate world, this book will help you live a balanced life.


    The health benefits of olive oil have been recognized since ancient times and most recently by proponents of the Mediterranean diet. But, little is known about what the healthful component of olive oil is or how it interacts with the body to benefit weight loss or normalizing blood sugar. The...
    Your Guide To A Healthy Weight I always try products before I recommend them to people. I started the Transitions Lifestyle Solutions with the TLS 21-Day Challenge, and feel great in 8. It was extremely beneficial for my waist line. In the end, I lost four inches on this system, and reduced my...
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    Two years ago, after a coaching session with a client and reflecting on my father’s death and my heart condition, I took a good hard look at my life and wellness. I took the health guide and journal that I use with my clients and sat down, pondering how I had lived up until that point and...
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  • Health & Wealth Formula

    Have you always wanted to be healthy and wealthy but didn’t know how to start? Are you successful but too busy to enjoy life, or suffering from fatigue? Do you lack balance, feel tired or even isolated and burned out?​ Subscribe to our mailing list to learn more about the steps to juggle and ultimately achieve your health and wealth goals

  • Juggling Health & Wealth Packages

    Packages to help you reach total wellness (holistic health) and true wealth (financial and time freedom)





    Monthly Package delivered to your inbox, including webinar


    You’ll receive tips, tasks and action items to help achieve your health and wealth goals via emails, and webinars with important topics around the 5 dimensions of health and 5 pillars of wealth.

    Valued at $200, you pay just $120

    Contact Info: 0411 838 966

    Or email: tlswellnesscoach@gmail.com

    with subject line: Monthly Health & Wealth Formula

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    Group Coaching with Kitty

    Have you always wanted to be healthy & wealthy but didn’t know how? Are you too busy to enjoy life? Do you lack balance. feel tired, even isolated and burnout?

    If you answer is yes to the above questions, it’s time to practice on juggling health and wealth, so you can enjoy life abundantly.

    This Health & Wealth Formula Package will show you the steps to juggle and ultimately achieve your health and wealth goals, if you follow the system.

    You have access to:
    (1) Health Guide and Journal
    (2) Wellness & Menu Plan
    (3) Feel Great in 8 Coaching Program
    (4) E-book ‘Transform Your Financial Life’
    (5) Wealth Creation Blueprint
    Total value is $600. Your Investment is only $400.

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